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Although photo albums are the traditional way to store your treasured photographs glass artist Jenny Gaynor has imagined a refreshing new design to hold memories.  Memory Vases were first introduced on the market in 2008 as an inventive way to get one’s photos out of the digital realm and onto a three dimensional modern heirloom.  This unique product captured the attention of many inspiring Gaynor to apply for a design patent which was awarded in 2014. 


Gaynor began her career as a glass artist at Tulane University in 1999.  She continued her studies on the graduate level and also traveled to Murano, Italy to learn from the Masters.  The original Memory Vase was made as a tribute to Gaynor’s teachers in Italy with colorful photographs of her time there.  She continues to design her line of lampwork jewelry which can be seen at www.jennygaynor.com