We either use 99% recycled glass or fresh batch glass which is also incredibly sustainable. Here's why:


Cradle-to-cradle: Glass is made from all-natural raw materials: sand, soda ash and limestone. Even after continual recycling, glass never loses its quality and clarity. Glass is also a sustainable substitute for gemstones in jewelry. It offers endless color options without the harmful environmental effects of mining.


Reclamation policy: Glass is 100% recyclable and made from recycled and renewable materials. In house we recycle all unusable glass and anything that cannot be reused is sent to be recycled elsewhere.


Packaging: We use recyled, biodegradable packing peanuts and other recyled packaging when possible. We also opt for digital communications as opposed to large scale mailings and printed catalogs.


Easy to disassemble: Glass is simply melted in the furnace to recycle and make into a new product. An estimated 80% of recovered glass containers are made into new glass bottles and jars.


Made in the USA: This product is handmade in Los Angeles, CA which supports local economy and the environment by reducing fuel demands when shipping overseas. Also we use local suppliers whenever possible to further support the economy and reduce fuel demands and our harmful effect on the environment.


*All Memory Vases and Ornaments are assembled and customized at our studio in Los Angeles, CA. We no longer make all the vases and ornaments in house. Some come from local glassbowers, others are imported.